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Posthouwer-Boerkamp is nu per 1-1/19 Varkenshandel ter Haar-Posthouwer in Reutum

Pig distributor Posthouwer-Boerkamp

Our company has specialised itself in the purchase, sales, and transport of pigs and piglets, both nationally and internationally. At the end of 2001 we started out as a result of a merger between Pig distributor Posthouwer in Putten and the Bennie Boerkamp Wilp (pig department). In 2005 the Pig distributor Midden-Veluwe from Kootwijkerbroek was added and thus a versatile company was developed which leads in the region with all facets that the modern Pig distributor should manage.

For a large part our field of activity is concentrated in the centre and east of the Netherlands. We operate from our regional office in the Gelderland town of Wilp, next to the junction of the A1 and A50 motorways close to Apeldoorn.

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